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Next Tuesday July 7th at 5:00 pm (Mexico City time)- 7:00 pm (Sao Paulo, Brasil time) it will have place the webinar “Agile Remote Work - Efficiency and productivity in the New Normal in our Teams (For Leaders and Teams)” by Carolina Sordelli and Fabio Ferraresi. I t will be available in English-portuguese languages.

About the topic

COVID-19 has impacted and changed our lives, both personal and professional.
Work teams that had never worked remotely, had to do this overnight.
For Teams that have already worked totally or partially remotely, they also face a great challenge, since we are in different conditions and an environment of much greater uncertainty.
Agile concepts and tools provide us with the necessary basis to be able to work remotely in an efficient and productive way.
We will share Techniques and Tools to quickly manage the remote work of our teams that address both technical and emotional aspects for better Efficiency and Effectiveness of our Teams.

About our speakers:

Carolina Sordelli

  1. Partner and Director of Business Development at IMCG Consulting.
  2. Carolina is a Change Management Consultant with certification in Prosci.
  3. She has a Bachelor´s degree in Sociology.
  4. Carolina leads change management projects in organizations of different types of industry and size, with a focus on achieving genuine and sustainable cultural transformations.
  5. She has worked for different consultant firms in social and market research projects, both for government entities and for the private sector.
  6. Carolina was part of a team of Wells Fargo Advisors investors for more than 4 years, being in charge of the Customer Experience area.

Fabio Ferraresi

Brazilian, now based in Brazil, working for Brazilian based and Worldwide based companies on Market Intelligence and Operational Excellence. Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of São Paulo, and MBA in Business Management from Ohio University and Fundação Getulio Vargas. Member of ASQ since 2005, with CMQ-OE and CQE certifications from ASQ as well as 6 sigma Black Belt from Eaton Quality Institute. During his journey at ASQ, Fabio held some positions at ASQ São Paulo Section as Communications Chair and Elected Chair and at ASQ LATAM, as Country Counselor and Regional Deputy Manager for Brazil.

Experience in automotive business in South America and Asia. Professional Experience of 13 years working for Eaton Corporation in Brazil and China in positions such as Supplier Development Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Factory manager and Quality manager until 2014, when moved back to Brazil and joined Engenho Consulting as business partner Business Development Director of Power Systems Research, a US Based company represented by Engenho in Brazil. In addition to main occupation at Engenho and Power Systems Research, Fabio provides volunteer service on Quality and Productivity for some public/charity institutions and teaches Quality related disciplines in MBA programs.

Connect to the session through this link (On July 7th)

Meeting Information
Meeting link:
Meeting number: 127 093 7529
Password: 7RwUTJh3bn3

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